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Ilkin Kurt

There is an undeniable energy about Edition Two's muse, Ilkin. 

Effortless, epheremal and feminine yet embodies this hidden strength and masculinity. 

We spent an autumn morning with Ilkin as she experienced Edition Two. 


The three pieces in my wardrobe I cannot live without…. 

Tee’s, denim and blazers 

The piece(s) in my wardrobe that isn’t there and that I need… 

Turtleneck long sleeve mini dress 

I am always on an endless pursuit to find the ultimate… 

 A sharp suit and shirts 

What is you’re approach to cultivating your own wardrobe? 

(perhaps a golden rule you try to think about when you are curating your pieces) 

I used to buy whatever I like and wouldn’t think of a method. Probably my golden rule was to just trust my gut back then. Improvisation is really important to me. So dressing up has always been impulsive, intuitive and even experimental. But now I’m more conscious about what goes into my wardrobe. As I get older my buying habit has completely changed. Now I really would like to be portable which means well curated small wardrobe is just enough. Say, if I buy a pair of black pants one of the black pants in my closet must go. So, it is kind of a replacement system.  

When you feel like you need some inspiration I… 

There are few things I do… If I were lazy to take a trip to an art gallery or museum, would dig into to my books and magazines. Probably will make some tea, put on some tunes and make notes… My other source of inspiration is my friends. I would give a call to someone whose mind is endlessly fascinating… Even 15 min talk would give me goose bumps to create and think. 

Who are the females that have always inspired you….In any capacity: style and beyond! What is it that draws you to these woman. 

Lee Radziwill, Mica Ertegun for their sensational fashion sense. Charlotte Rampling in old Newtown photos… Turkan Soray in old Turkish movies. I really love the way Miuccia Prada thinks and how she reflects those wonderful thoughts into her life and designs. I think all these women are really strong and have unstudied style. They just don’t carry the clothes they also bring their vision and approach to life aligning with their culture and mindset. And it makes the whole package irresistible. 

What influence has your Turkish background had on your style? 

I think it really does have a mystic & arabesque effect on my style. Literally ‘East meets West’ situation. Our culture goes back to Ottoman’s and we all know how rich and oriental it is. I suppose you can truly sense it on my jewelry or handbag choices. Also, artisans surrounded me when I was growing up. My grandfather was a shoe-maker, his best friends were jewellers or tailors same as my grandma. Therefore, I can’t deny how I am attached to beautiful things culturally and historically. That’s why I am also deeply connected with vintage pieces. 

 You have been in the industry all around the world, what do you think is the biggest issue you have with the fashion industry at the moment? Is there anything that you are passionate about trying to change? 

Back in the days I would say 10-15 years ago, it was the diversity problem. You wouldn’t see a black girl or big size girls on the covers of a magazine or even in retail everything would be advertised for the perfect body shape 90-60-90.Now, the social media is the biggest problem to me. Plus, consuming is crazy these days. Instead of thinking of life style and comfort, people tend to buy more ‘it items’ which is a big mistake. Social media has a big impact on this with many other things. Buying clothes should be aligning with your mindset and culture. Instead of what your friends or influencers are wearing. It’s just symptomatic of today’s society and the culture of social networking, where people project themselves via their references and their ‘likes’.

What keeps you in this game? What do you love about what you do? 

My curiosity surely keeps me motivated. Researching and learning everyday is the most satisfying thing about what I do 

Sizing Chart
Sizing Chart


6 6 2 34 38
8 8 4 36 40
10 10 6 38 42
12 12 8 40 44
14 14 10 42 46
6 8 10 12 14
Bust (cm/inch) 83/33" 88/35" 93/37" 98/39" 103/41"
Waist (cm/inch) 66/26" 71/28" 76/30" 81/32" 86/34"
Hips (cm/inch) 91/36" 96/38" 101/40" 106/42" 111/44

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