The Sentiment

ESSE is a contemporary, ready-to-wear lifestyle brand for the woman who takes a considered approach to her style. 

Our sentiment, consume consciously.

Be mindful, invest in pieces that have a purpose, pieces that are designed for longevity.

ESSE will deliver slow release editions. Each capsule is designed to be worn with the last.

For Edition One we went back to the basics and explored the non-negotiables. We've taken these time-honoured classics and reconstructed them. No piece is without an artful twist of the new. 

Typifying the stance: the tailored denim suit. Using time-honoured natural yarn-dyed denim from Italy, we reframe the originals.

The Denim

Denim is a non-negotiable for us at ESSE. 

Aesthetically, it is a classic and never dates. Echoing our sentiment for investing in pieces for longevity. Functionally, the time-honoured fabrication is built to last and age well. Our premium denim is sourced from ITALY. We work closely with our partners to develop this denim for ESSE. 

This denim has been yarn-dyed naturally with real indigo using the leaves of the Indigofera plant. The denim fabric has been finished by hand, It is a natural characteristic of denim to soften, adapt and subtly fade over time. This will add to the individuality of each piece. The garments have been designed to age well. With longevity in mind, the denim is not precious. It is designed to function, to be lived in. 

All our denim pieces are MADE IN AUSTRALIA

Cotton Shirting

The perfect complement to tailored denim and always the quintessential classic staple. Crisp cotton shirting is modern refinement. We aim to take this revered piece and reframe it by exploring unique form and detail. 

Our premium cotton is sourced from ITALY. We sourced this cotton from our Italian partners to ensure the highest of quality. 

All our cotton shirting pieces are MADE IN AUSTRALIA 

The Knitwear

No wardrobe should be without staple knitwear pieces. These garments are designed for ease and comfort - every day modern essentials. 

The yarn selected is of the highest quality to ensure there is durability in each piece. The garments are designed to be worn every day. 

All our knitwear pieces are made with our partners in CHINA. We work closely with specialised knitwear manufacturers. 

The Design Process

We value a slow approach to design, taking the time to consider the complexities of each piece. 

Each design should be a symbol of quality and artisanal integrity but more so, a focus on the women whom it is intended for. 

Design should be equal parts form and function.

Our philosophy, her clothes inherently express a narrative, they speak volumes about her. She is modern and empowered, a symbol of progression combined with a timeless femininity. The ultimate blend of masculine and feminine. Her pieces reflect an appreciation for the craft, but they are also real and raw. Quality is paramount but they need to be authentic and function in her everyday.

Sizing Chart


6 6 2 34 38
8 8 4 36 40
10 10 6 38 42
12 12 8 40 44
6 8 10 12
Bust (cm/inch) 83/33" 88/35" 93/37" 98/39"
Waist (cm/inch) 66/26" 71/28" 76/30" 81/32"
Hips (cm/inch) 91/36" 96/38" 101/40" 106/42"

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