Coming Soon : The Manifesto

Bare with us while we work on this page. 

To us, sustainability isn't just a buzz word. 

It is a multi-layered subject that requires extra special consideration. 

We are really passionate about communicating our perspective in a sensitive way, that does the highly complex subject matter justice.

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"My philosophy as a designer and my approach to sustainability has always been: make sure you are better than the last.”
- Charlotte

Sustainability in 2020 and beyond is a mindset: approach design and your business with your eyes open.

Investigate, be nimble, adapt and dig deeper. Make calculated and informed decisions. 

You don't need to be perfect, as long as you are constantly evolving with the ever-changing frontier. 


For a teaser....

Here is us knitting our signature Broad Rib cloth. We KNIT, SPIN and FINISH this cloth in MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA. 

The yarn is ethically sourced and FSC approved. Which means it is sourced from sustainable forestry in Northern Europe.

Once the fabric is knitted, the garments are made in SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA.

Sizing Chart


6 6 2 34 38
8 8 4 36 40
10 10 6 38 42
12 12 8 40 44
6 8 10 12
Bust (cm/inch) 83/33" 88/35" 93/37" 98/39"
Waist (cm/inch) 66/26" 71/28" 76/30" 81/32"
Hips (cm/inch) 91/36" 96/38" 101/40" 106/42"

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